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Welcome to Hearts for ALS

Our Mission Statement

Hearts for ALS is an all volunteer organization that is dedicated to making the lives of the ALS patients as comfortable and useful as possible.

Our mission is achieved through volunteer action. We have golf tournaments, walk-a-thons, and other events to raise funds which will then be provided back to the patients in the form of gifts and services to the ALS patients and/or their care givers.

The mission of Hearts for ALS includes providing information and resources to ALS patients. The information resources are provided through our on-going HOPE BAG program in which newly diagnosed patients are given gift bags containing useful information along with small gifts symbolizing much needed hope for the patient and the patient’s family.

Hearts for ALS also provides funds for ALS patients to use for activities and events intended to become lasting and cherished memories for the patient and his or her family. In special cases we also provide grant aide for patients to acquire much needed equipment.

You may use following links to display the necessary forms that you will use to apply for assistance from Hearts for ALS or send us a note to express special concerns.


The following are examples of the many possible memory maker events:

♥  Plane tickets for a family member visit.

♥  Two nights stay at your favorite place. Hotel and meals included.

♥  Day at a spa for a caregiver

♥  Trip to a play, show or concert with limo and dinner.

♥  Amusement park entry for family with money for meals

♥  Visit to your favorite place with hotel and meals.

♥  Christmas shopping for family; wrapping included.

♥  Portrait of family

♥  Shopping for luxury or electronic items that you have always wanted

♥  Day at a salon for nails, hair – Queen or King for a Day.

♥  Sporting event with handicapped seating, transportation and meals.

♥  Dinner Cruise

♥  Day at Catalina

♥  Special family reunion, food and entertainment provided.

♥  Dream dinners for a month

♥  $500 grocery card

♥  Gift Card to restaurants, department stores

♥  Direct TV for 6 months football/baseball included

While donations to our effort are always welcome. What we need most are volunteers to help with our events and to help with providing services to our patients. At present the Hearts for ALS focus is on the patients at Loma Linda Hospital in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Our hope is to expand our services to the patients of all of the Inland Empire. Our extended service area depends on our volunteer force and available revenue. We appreciate your support and interest.